Over 90% of industrial components are scrapped at end of use.

Unlock hidden value in excess and end-of-use parts


Circular supply chain platform.

Designed for

Maintenance teams

Turn end of life parts to a new revenue source, and get rewarded with carbon certificates

Track rotables and repairables; and connect with manufacturers with an easy to use software platform


Engage directly with customers and dealers to collect cores

Manage repair, remanufacturing and recycling processes

Service Providers

Gain insights into Repairables/ Rotables and connect with OEMs through WorkbenchX

Identify and determine value of the item by matching it to our extensive database of similar parts

Transform waste into supply source

Join the movement towards a sustainable future by turning
your surplus and end-of-use parts into valuable resources.

Up to 60% reduction in cost

Up to 80% reduction in carbon consumption

Reduction in lead time

The WorkbenchX Platform

Implement high-value circular loops of repair, refurbishment, remanufacture, and recycling


Web / mobile app for matching end-of-use components to highest value retention opportunities


Proprietary technology to assess Core condition with integrated quality inspection capabilities

Workflow Engine

Manage circular economy partners, execute on repair, remanufacture, refurbishment, recycling activities, generate ESG reports.

Supply chain platform for the circular economy.