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The WorkbenchX Platform

Connect directly to approved, high-quality manufacturers to streamline the discovery,  quoting and quality control processes.

Digital Inventory

Parts database with the specifications needed to manufacture the part.

WBX Make

Workflow engine tracking quoting, ordering, shipping and reporting.

Supplier Directory

Manufacturer database with detailed profiles, capabilities and expertise.

For Engineers and Supply chain managers

Engineers can directly source short production run parts for prototyping, and product development.

Supply chain managers can optimize the cost and lead times with a distributed manufacturing network.


  • Shorten delivery Lead times

  • Minimize inventory

  • Communicate directly with suppliers

  • Accelerate product development

  • Integrated QA/QC

  • Build supply chain resilience

Our Trusted Manufacturing Network

Our trusted network of manufacturing partners take pride in making high-quality engineering parts.

We ensure the quality of every part with state of art manufacturing process control and advanced metrology methods to give you confidence and peace of mind on every order.

Subtractive (CNC) manufacturing
Additive (3DP) manufacturing
Sheet metal fabrication
Mechanical assembly

For Suppliers

Gain access to a new and wider customer network with no additional sales activity or account management overheads.

Reduce project administration and increase profitability using our managed production platform, including design management, parts ordering, quality assurance and payments.