In a linear supply chain, more than 90% of industrial components are scrapped at the end of use.

This causes waste of embodied energy and scarce raw materials, which results in additional carbon-intensive processes to extract and process materials.

Asset managers and sustainability managers in large industrial companies are trying to implement circular strategies like repair, remanufacture, re-purpose, and recycling of end-of-use components such that they can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain.

They are using the manual procurement processes to find circular economy service providers and using add-on supplier portals to manage logistics, data sharing, and quality control.

These labor-intensive manual processes are costly, thus making the ROI threshold for circular economy very high.

These industry challenges inspired the Founders of WorkbenchX to build the supply chain platform that solves for circular economy gaps.


Our team

We are industry professionals committed to building the future of sustainable industrial supply chains.

Joe Ayrookaran

Joe is an engineering executive with more than 15 years of experience in heavy equipment manufacturers, leading engineering process improvement, quality control, and supply chain teams. He has been a Founder previously and has a Masters in Industrial Engineering.

Brian Winship
Co-Founder/ CSO

Brian is a Ph.D. Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in complex systems design and architecture. WorkbenchX's product development roadmap is informed by Brian’s research in metrology and computer vision systems.

Madhu Augustine
Head of Software

With over 15 years of experience in software and biotech industries, Madhu is a passionate entrepreneur and leader who drives innovation, customer loyalty, and growth. His core competencies include product management, and software development, with a focus on mobile, cloud, and AI technologies.

Supply chain platform for the circular economy.